Fresh micro greens and herbs for restaurants and trade

Our vertically farmed salads & microgreens are:

Great Tasting

Full of flavour, highly nutritious and delicate in size

Ideal For Chefs

Looking to add finesse and elegance to finished dishes

British Grown

On our vertical farm in Kent


Grown with innovative, space and energy saving technology so they’re better for the planet.


Guaranteed shelf life of at least 10 days to help you minimise food waste

High Quality

The perfect finishing touch to any restaurant dish


It is so important that we source eco-friendly produce, which is what we get from Ro-Gro.  The quality is always very good and there is a great range.  The service is fast and staff are helpful making working with Ro-Gro very easy and great value.

Jerome Cemy, Head Chef, Pearson’s Arms, Whitstable

High quality micro herbs and shoots to add flavour and style to dishes

Nationwide delivery Monday to Friday

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Land Cress – Baby

punnet (100g)Salad

Elegant rounded leaves, with a distinct peppery flavour.

Micro Coriander

punnet (30g)Garnish

Fragrant and strong, with notes of citrus. Looks and tastes amazing!

Micro Garlic Chives

punnet (20g)Garnish

Garlic flavour sealed up in a tiny leaf. Small but intense in flavour.

Micro Garnishes

Box (12 x 20g/30g)Garnish

Micro Radish Purple

punnet (30g)Garnish

A gorgeous purple colour to liven up a plate, the radish flavour arrives at the end!

Micro Red Cabbage

punnet (20g)Garnish

The small dark green leaves and red stem are so attractive. The cabbage flavour is light and fresh.

Micro Salad Mix

Box (8 x 70g) Salad

Micro Salad Mix – Autumn Mix

punnet (70g) Salad

A wonderful blend of flavours, textures and colour come from the pea and sunflower shoots mixed with some micro garlic chives and the red cabbage for an autumanal feel. (Available October to March)

Micro Salad Mix – Sun Salad

punnet (70g) Salad

Bursting with summer flavours of pea, sunflower and radish with a hint of garlic from the chives. (Available April to September)

Pea Shoots

Box (8 x 100g) Salad

An elegant looking shoot that’s great as garnish.

Pea Shoots – Tendril

punnet (100g) Salad

An elegant looking shoot that’s great as garnish.

Pea Shoots – Salad

punnet (100g) Salad

These crips shoots have that lovely fresh pea flavour and combine well with many other ingredients to make a salad.

Micro Amaranth – Red

Punnet (20g) Garnish

A tiny crimson dark red micro that pops out as a garnish on any dish. Light earthy and beetroot flavours.

Micro Basil

punnet (20g) Garnish

Everything we like about this herb, colour, flavour and aroma, just smaller.

Micro Basil – Red

punnet (20g) Garnish

Is it red or purple? Either way it is vibrant and is just like basil, but red. Or is it purple?

Micro Chervil

Punnet (20g) Garnish

A delicate and intricate micro herb with a light aniseed flavour. Great as fish garnish.

Mustard Mix

punnet (30g) Garnish

A mix of red and green mustard leaves, a wonderful garnish providing both colour and flavour.

Sorrel – Red Vein

punnet (20g) Garnish

When placed on a plate the symmetry combined with the green and red contrast demands you admire both the produce and chefs skill.

Sunflower Shoots

Punnet (30g) Garnish

These delightful shoots have a nutty flavour and crisp texture. Placed on top of a dish the shape and colour invite the eye to admire and one’s curiosity to ask, what is it.

Please contact us for any specific requirements as many types of herb and leaf can be grown. Recently we have produced micro Rocket, Basil, Nasturtium leaves and Watercress

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