About Us

Vertical Farming in Kent

Ro-Gro is a partnership with G. H. Dean & Co.

Both are family businesses that have a farming heritage of over 100 years each and share the same values when it comes to building strong communities around fresh local food.

G. H. Dean have farmed in Kent since the early 1900’s and produce cereals, fruits and hold sheep. Their farming enterprise sees vertical farming as a way to diversify and maintain food production as they release land for increasing biodiversity.

Our Story

Ro-Gro was founded by Jason Perrott who comes from a farming family that started growing citrus in Zimbabwe in 1910.

While vertical farming does not get mud on your boots a saying in farming and passed down the Perrott generations remains true, ‘the best fertiliser is a farmer’s footprints in the field’. While technology enables us to produce food in more sustainable ways the quality comes from the passion of the growers.

The name Ro-Gro is a play on words, combining our daughter’s name, Rosie, and the business we are in – growing!

Our Purpose

Food that has been grown near you doesn’t just taste better, it feels better. That’s why Ro-Gro’s produce is always British, always fresh. At Ro-Gro we work hard to grow salad that we’re proud of, so we want to share it with people and places that we’re proud to work with.

Fresh, Quality Produce

The most important part of our work is making sure we are growing delicious, high quality salad that stays fresher for longer. It’s grown with heart, soul, and zero pesticides.

British Grown

All of our fresh, high-quality salad leaves, microgreens and micro herbs are grown and nurtured in Kent, from seed to plate, supporting the British businesses and food networks that we care about.

Sustainable Farming

As a family farm, we see the value of sustainable farming to nourish future generations.

We use innovative vertical farming technology, which means no pesticides used, no soil required, less space required, less energy used and ess water used.

What are Microgreens?

Microgreens are simply baby plants grown from seed. We harvest the plants before they reach full size. The benefits of harvesting the young plants include larger levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants (when compared to mature plants). Despite their small size, microgreens are packed with flavour and can be used to add a sweetness, bitterness, savoury hint or spiciness to a dish as well as visual appeal and texture.

Benefits of Vertical Farming

Put simply, Vertical Farming is a sustainable way of feeding future generations. It combines expert know-how with innovative aeroponics technology that is better for the planet.

It uses less water

We use a recycled compostable growing medium and aeroponics; where the roots are suspended in the air which are irrigated with a nutrient-rich mist created with ultrasound.

Our crops grow much faster, healthier and require 90% less water than field grown crops.

It uses less space

Vertical Farming is so efficient we use a fraction of the space to grow our plants. This allows us to release the farmland for conservation.

It uses ZERO pesticides

Because the plants are contained within a controlled environment, no pesticides are required which is better for us and the environment.

It’s more efficient

While our Vertical Farm does require energy to grow our produce, we use fewer resources than traditional farming methods such as water, land, and fertiliser.

Plus 60% of our energy is generated from on-site solar panels.

It extends shelf life

Due to the health of the crops grown with Vertical Farming, our produce has a longer shelf life, reducing food waste.

We guarantee freshness for up to 10 days.

It can be biofortified with Vitamins

At Ro-Gro, we are producing vitamin B12 enriched Pea Shoots, providing greater health benefits in your meals.