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Our Story

Ro-Gro is an exciting new vertical farm in Kent.

Ro-Gro is the daughter company of Machere.

Quite literally too – the company was named after our little girl, Rosie. Whilst Machere embodies a larger body of farming in the Garden of England, Ro-Gro is all about growing and providing quality produce to our local area.

Farming is the family business: Machere is the name of our family’s first-generation farm in Zimbabwe. After settling down in the UK, faced with wet weather and rising land rates, it was obvious that we would have to adapt and adopt new technologies in order to continue our family farming tradition of 110 years.

We’re now an indoor operation based in Kent, so we may not have mud on our boots, but our ethos is the same: we believe strong communities are built around fresh and local food.

Our Purpose

Food that has been grown near you doesn’t just taste better, it feels better. That’s why Ro-Gro’s produce is always local, always fresh.

At Ro-Gro we work hard to grow salad that we’re proud of, so we want to share it with people and places that we’re proud to work with.

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Our Values

Fresh, Local, Sustainable

Fresh, Quality Produce

The most important part of our work is making sure we are growing delicious, high quality salad that stays fresher for longer. It’s grown with heart, soul, and zero pesticides.

Serving Local

We believe that a community is best fed by those working and living within it. We want to use new technology to help farming take a step back to a time when we knew exactly how our food was grown, and where it was coming from. We want to support local businesses and food networks that we care about.

Family Farming

Farming has been in our family history for 110 years, and we hope it can be in its future. With two adult sons and a small daughter, we see the value of farming as a family business, so we want to support and sell to other businesses just like ours.
Vertical Farming


It goes without saying that food should be produced sustainably. That’s why you might notice that we don’t talk about it all that often. However, all the decisions being made behind the scenes are held up to a high environmental and ethical standard.

Growing Green

Wherever we’re able, we think carefully about the impact of our growing, distribution, and packaging. Our farm is 40% powered by solar energy, generated on-site, an electric van is used for distribution and all packaging is either compostable or if plastic 100%recycled/100% recyclable

The technology we use offers huge environmental benefits – it uses less water, less fertiliser, and no pesticides. If you want to know more about it, we’d be happy to talk you through it. You can also learn more about vertical and indoor farming directly from LettUs Grow, our technology supplier.

We are also already working towards net zero together with the Growing Kent and Medway, Growing Green project.

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